“Breathearth” – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal.
A video screen shows an initial view of a desolate landscape, dry and barren. The spectators are invited to breathe in a small earth globe, in which has been hidden a micophone connected to the system. With each breath, grass, leaves and flowers appear in the landscape, until they cover the whole ground with colours and life. When the breathing stops, after a short time the vegetation disappears and the landscape turns barren again: the earth needs our breath to stay alive!
Which each new session, other combinations of vegetation appear – it is always a surprise which flowers will be produced by your breathing.

“Breathearth” has been presented in Group Global 3000, Berlin, 8-10th July 2016 as part of the festival HearteartH Berlin Milan 2016 – see also

Breathearth, a work by Maria (Felix) Korporal ©
Technical details: Raspberry Pi, monitor, small earth globe with encapsulated microphone.

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