concept & video: Maria Korporal
music / sound design: Sofia Koubli

dedicated to the poetry of Daìta Martinez


“The forbidden fruit in paradise was not an apple – it was an orange. Peeled and tasted, it opened the universe of senses and it lit the fire of passion. Eva is born and is re-born from the bittersweet juice, again and again.”


The video is dedicated to the poetry of Daìta Martinez, with whom Maria Korporal has made the videopoems (amarezza), { naked } and the recent . non ha fine . “EVA” does not contain words by the Palermitan poet, but her poems have been an essential source of inspiration for the creation of the video.
The music / sound design of the video is by Greek composer Sofia Koubli. Since 1999 she composes music for theater, dance performances video art and short movies. She already collaborated with Maria Korporal in the videos “Avgerinos & Poulia” and “La circolarità della creazione”.

N.B. “EVA” has two versions:
1. a loop version of 4’44”
2. a version with start and end, 5’16” (the one which is visibile here on Vimeo)

The loop version has been projected continuously during the exhibition EroticaMENTE, Domus Talenti, Rome, from 14 to 23 April 2012: ansa.it/web/notizie/videogallery/spettacolo/2012/04/17/Eroticamente-forme-colori-sensualita-_6732640.html

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