Flashback’17 Now & After Festival

HearteartH, a video by Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica and Maria Korporal, will be presented as part of a special program in the festival NOW&AFTER’17, Moscow.

NOW&AFTER’17 theme is FLASHBACK’17
The Festival’s seventh edition will be held at the Center of Creative Industries FABRIKA
July 5th – 30th, 2017
OPENING: July 5th at 8pm at CCI Fabrika (Perevedenovsky lane, 18)
Now&After’17 organizer Media Art Center Now&After
Now&After’17 co-organizer CCI Fabrika

download the catalogue in pdf

Now&After Director and Curator Marina Fomenko
This year International Video Art Festival Now&After reviews the intermediate results of its first seven years and takes place without open call.

“Flashback’17” is a look both into the past and the future with the pause in the present. In 2017, we’d like to remember the best works and presenting their retrospective, as well as to show the new projects by the participants of the Festival previous editions. After all, a flashback is a deviation from the routine for a look back. This year our audience will see video works of 47 Russian and foreign artists.

Now&After’17 Special Program consists of Videoformes International Festival of Digital Arts (France) and Video Art Miden (Greece) new programs and retrospective screenings of CologneOFF Festival (Germany), Magmart Festival (Italy), IVAHM Video Art Fes (Spain), Video Art Platform Visualcontainer (Italy), Still Laps Video Art (France).

Guest Programs
Video Art Platform Visualcontainer, Collective Shades (Italy)

Curated by Alessandra Arno

Collective Shades
Today with the digitalization age we share a sense of heritage and commonality with many human beings we have never met. Identity and collective memory’s ideas flows in a mixed common feelings … and what’s happens if the collective memory goes deeper in meanings levels?
It opens up a subliminal scenario where the unconscious explores the deeper meaning of common feelings.

This video selection wants to investigate on in-visible field, on what remains settled into our un-conscious, showing shadow and our shadows, as the mental mapping of places and the mapping of ourselves. Collective meanings, collective memories, collective shades. Curated by Alessandra Arnò

Selected Video:
Rita Casdia – Stangliro – 4’10’’, 2013
Katharina Gruzei – Workers leaving the factory (again) – 11’00”, 2012
Elisabetta Di Sopra – Temporary, 5’:00, 2013
Yuri Pirondi + Ines von Bonhorst – Void Shades: London Series – 10:00, 2012
Daniela Di Maro – Migrations, 5’13”, 2011
Di Bernardo Rietti Toppeta – Fisiognomica – 2’40”, 2012
Maria Korporal + Sonia Armaniaco – Heart-Earth – 5’:00, 2013
Chiara Mazzocchi – Human Alienation, 2’00”, 2011
Anita Calà – La Ballata – 4:02, 2013
Patrizia Bonardi – The immobility of tree, 3’11”, 2012



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