Give Us Back Our Shadows in LICHT, Group Global 3000

Give Us Back Our Shadows © Maria Korporal

The video “Give Us Back Our Shadows” by Maria Korporal will be shown in Berlin from 17.3 to 12.5.2017 as part of the exhibition LICHT (Light) in Group Global 3000.

About the video:
What happens when the sun shines behind a vast curtain of smog? Our shadows become vaguer and when the smog becomes thicker, they may not be visible at all. With the growing air pollution, the sunlight becomes less – it is the darkening of the earth, also called “global dimming” – and we are losing our shadows.
An old Native American legend tells that an insect stole the shadow to those who did not respect nature. Deprived, in this way, of their soul, the men became ill. Only with music and singing they were able to finally get their shadow back and live happily ever after.
The motto “Give us back our shadows!” is the wish that we can clean the air, so that the sun can enlighten us again and we get our shadows back. As in the Indian legend, we have lost our shadows because we did not respect nature. The dance with the animals in the video is a ritual in nature to make the sun seem brighter again and to win our shadows back.

About the exhibition:
Group Global 3000 asks the artists about the light today that is affecting us and nature. We change the natural light through our technology such as glass, buildings, air pollution. We humans emit the artificial light wasted into space. We barely find the darkness. Stars are lost. Insects are dying in the light traps of unsuitable street lamps. We humans waste electricity through outdated lamps and experience pale light from bad energy saving lamps and LEDs. Many buyers do not yet know the new measure for color reproduction RA / CRI> 80 .
19 artists show their positions to the topic with collage, object, installation, photo, painting, graphics, video and performance:
Jully Acuna, Sandra Becker, Marieke Bolhuis, Marzena Brandt, Diego Caglioni, Maks Dannecker, Mary-Noelle Dupuis, Bernd Fuchs, Mariel Gottwick, Stephan Gross and Jörn Birkholz, Maria Korporal, Linda Lenssen, Sonja Mischor,  Korvin Reich, Andreina Vieira dos Santos und Mahsa Asgari,  Peggy Sylopp, Agatha Zbylut.

• Opening 17.3., 19:00, Performance- Installation von Masha Asgari und Andreina Vieira dos Santos.
Inspired by the images of UV light / sunlight therapy at the beginning of the 20th century and the representation of light in art history, the performance “Light Department” deals with the different conceptions of light and the paradox of the emergence and emptying of life through light.
• Artists talk 31.3., 19:00. Artists of the exhibition talk about their works and with guests.
• Lecture with Discussion, 21.4., 19 Uhr: Dr. Christopher Kyba, “Light, clean and dirty.”
Light can affect animals, people and the night sky. Some specific examples of light art and architectural lighting that can be problematic. Things that can be done to mitigate the environmental impacts of light art.
• Finissage 12.5., 19 Uhr, “Light conducting”. A concept of Mary-Noele Dupuis.
Performers, in art and music, will be conducted by light, improvising simultaneously, constituting composition and choreographie: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt , Bea Dickas (Elektronic), Yann Keller (Steel-Base & Elektronic), Zam Johnson (Drums, Keyboard…), Wilfried Hanrath (E-Base), Gerno Bogumil ( Trumpete), Hartmut Dicke (Sax), Andreas Techler (Sax), Christoph Uhlhaas (Keyboard, Samples, Toys) Mary-Noele Dupuis (Vocal & Conduct), Ralf Peter  (Schlagzeug).

Projektraum der Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, 10999 Berlin –

Curators: Tom Albrecht / Maria Korporal

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