Il dialetto Daìta

title: Il dialetto Daìta technique: 7 digital images for an e-book size: variable year: 2011 images © Maria Korporal poems © Daìta Martinez e-book © Sebastano A. Patanè “Il dialetto •••>

HearteartH – all started from here

NEW: The video will be shown in the festival NOW&AFTER’17, Moscow, as part of “Collective Shades”, a selection of videos about water, curated by Alessandra Arnò (Visual Container). Exhibition dates: •••>

The Mighty Magic Fruit Machine

Teaser video for “THE MIGHTY MAGIC FRUIT MACHINE: eat and regener-ate”, An interactive project, programmed with the Raspberry Pi © Maria Korporal, 2017 First presentation in Group Global 3000, Berlin, •••>

Dust Thou Art

“Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Meditation of the artist recovering from an eye operation, during her walks in Berlin in May 2017, where she met the •••>

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