In the Beginning was the Word …

The first video in the project Korporal Labyrinth.
Starring: Astrid Astra Esther Indricane and Maria (Felix) Korporal.
Video and all artwork by Maria (Felix) Korporal.

Korporal Labyrinth is a work in progress, an account of a visceral journey in different stadia, expressed in a series of short videos. The artist’s drawing of the labyrinth was the starting point for the project, together with a bunch of footage taken mainly from July to October 2013. This is a very important period in the artist’s life, in which two women play the lead role: her mother Ariena and her new lover Astrid – a life which has come to an end, and a life which has taken a new start.
In her Korporal Labyrinth, the artist explores several ways of walking through the labyrinth – there is no absolute truth, every possibility is worth trying and leads to new experiences and points of view.

titolo: In the Beginning was the Word
tecnica: Video sperimentale e animazione
durata: 3’25”
anno: 2013
© Maria Korporal

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