{ naked }

The video is the fruit of an encounter between a poet and a visual artist. Along the pathway of life, they share their stories, and open up different spaces and times.
The images and sounds are born of a stone – an altar stone that the artist erected for her video ‘Sacrificio’, and thereafter took down. Spread over the ground now, the stones are still there, waiting to be reborn in works of art. The stone chosen for { naked } was rediscovered in the dry grass: it takes on new life in the hand of the artist.
The poem was written specially for the video and is published here for the first time. { naked } — because, as the poet says, stone is naked. We have only to open it for it to come out, alive.

the childhood of hands
the waters

and { naked }

a leaf
of seagulls
spreads open.

: a breath of stone, wings :

– Daìta Martinez –

(translation by Brenda Porster)

title: { naked }
Experimental video and animation
2012 (English edition)
Maria Korporal
Daìta Martinez

The video is also available in Italian (the original version), and in French.

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