Maria Korporal, alias Maria Felix Korporal: video art, installations, digital imaging and performance. This website offers the latest news and a broad overview of the artists' works. Go to the "works" section in your language:
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Die Grenzen der Sprache
(The Limits of Language)
an interactive installation by
Maria Korporal in the exhibition “Update 17”, 21.04 – 28.05.2017 in Galerie VBK. The work presents the statement “The Limits of Language are the Limits of the World,” by Ludwig Wittgenstein. The incomprehension between different cultures...
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Game Over

Maria Korporal’s video “Stay or fly away?” has been selected for Game Over Special selection from MIDEN FESTIVAL, Kalamata, Greece Curated by: Maria Bourika From 21st April to 23th May •••>



Specchiatura (In the Mirror) • a video by Maria Korporal on a poem by Faraòn Meteosès with dancer Alessandro Pintus – NON COMPANY – cast: Alessandro Pintus – butoh dance recitative: Nina Maroccolo, Faraòn Meteosès text: Faraòn Meteosès (Stefano Amorese) music: Daniele Venturi – – with Alessandro Stradaioli on contrabass direction, camera, images, effects and montage: Maria Korporal   The video has been published on a DVD as part of the project “Largo Sguardo”. > more information.         > see also storyboard of the video •••>

Give Us Back Our Shadows in LICHT, Group Global 3000

Das Video “Give Us Back Our Shadows” von Maria Korporal ist von 17.3 bis 12.5.2017 in Berlin zu sehen, als Teil der Ausstellung LICHT in Group Global 3000. Über das Video: Was passiert, wenn die Sonne hinter einem riesigen Vorhang von Smog scheint? Unsere Schatten werden vage, und wenn der Smog dicker wird, sind sie vielleicht gar nicht sichtbar. Mit der wachsenden Luftverschmutzung haben wir immer weniger Sonnenlicht – es ist das das dunkler worden der Welt, auch “globale Verdunkelung” genennt – und also verlieren wir unsere Schatten. Eine alte indianische Legende erzählt, dass ein Insekt den Schatten denjenigen, die •••>

Defrosting device for apparently meaningless ink stains

Defrosting device for apparently meaningless ink stains

New edition with new soundtrack! The video has been created on a piece of “musique concrete” which deals with the theme of incommunicability. Composer Emiliano Pietrini (Globoscuro) constructed his music •••>


“Breathearth” – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal. A video screen shows an initial view of a desolate landscape, dry and barren. The spectators are invited to breathe in a •••>



REKALL – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal. The work has been inspired by a short story by Philip K. Dick, in which people who want to travel, but due •••>

Mirare l’armonia / Gazing at Harmony

Un progetto di Mariangela De Toni per la sua tesi di laurea all’Accademia di Belle Arti a Bologna: tre incontri/interviste e un saggio su Maria Korporal, con una selezione di •••>

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