Screening “Techne”

Maria Korporal takes part in the screening program as a get-together for the exhibition “Techne” with her video LIFE-X-CHANGE, a 5-minute short version of her project Songlines.

26th June 2019, 1800 h
Kino Central – Rosenthaler Str. 39 – 10178 Berlin
Admission: 3 €

The screening with works from the Medienwerkstatt takes place as part of the German-Brazilian cultural exchange with the Laboratorio de
Image e Tecnologia Departamento de Arte Visuaiis UFRGS and the Verein Berliner Künstler.
“Techne” refers to both art and technology. The exhibitions focus on the fusion of both disciplines as they were groundbreaking for historical developments.
The entire exhibition project was curated by Sandra Becker and Elaine Tedesco.

1 Manuela Johanna Covini – A Short Lecture
2 Antoanetta Marinov – Da Mamma
3 Bettina Rave – painting
4 Lioba von den Driesch – Gate X
5 Maria Korporal – LIFE-X-CHANGE
6 Stephanie Hanna – what matters
10 min break
7 Michael S. Ruscheinsky – Paritas
8 Tatjana Preuss – DER GLANZ DER SONNE
9 Kea Maria Pantel – IKARA Hoch.Hin.Aus
10 Marina Camargo – Weit von hier
11 Silvia Amancei / Bogdan Armanu – Life of a tree

The film program was curated by Jo Zahn.

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