Breaking Borders

Breaking Borders is a work in progress, originating from the interactive installation “Die Grenzen der Sprache”.
The work presents the statement “Die Grenzen der Sprache sind die Grenzen der Welt” by Ludwig Wittgenstein. The German word “Grenzen” has a double meaning and the phrase can be translated in two ways: “The Limits of Language are the Limits of the World” or “The Borders of Language are the Borders of the World”.
The incomprehension between different cultures – the most important cause of the problems in the world – can only be combated if people are willing to understand each other’s language and communicate with each other, even if that is not easy.

Breaking Borders LIVE in Rome

July 1, 2018 from 10 pm TeverEstate Scalo Sant’Angelo Lungotevere Castello, 00186 Rome The work in progress Breaking •••>

Breaking Borders with Rekall – live in Berlin!

June 9, 2018, 22:00: On occasion of the Hoffest in Haus Schwarzenberg, Maria Korporal performed a special live •••>

Breaking Borders – the video

“Breaking Borders” is the evolution of my interactive installation “Die Grenzen der Sprache”, which I presented in April-May •••>

Die Grenzen der Sprache

    Die Grenzen der Sprache (The Limits of Language) an interactive installation by Maria Korporal in the •••>