The Wanderer above the Mist

For many years I lived beneath the Mount Soracte, a mountain in central Italy which is still untouched by tourist culture. Walking on its crest, I always had the feeling to be back in other times, to become one with nature. However, whenever I made a video or audio recording, I became aware of all the sounds of motorways and airplanes coming from far, but loud enough to disturb the silence and the delicate nature sounds of birds and leaves – an over-all noise of which you cannot escape.
This video is about a walk I made one October morning, when the mist filled the valley. Arrived on the top, the mountain was like an isle in a marvellous sea of fog and I felt like being in the famous painting “The Wanderer above the Mist” by Caspar David Friedrich. But an airplane flying overhead reminded me loudly that there is no peace for contemplation anymore.

title: The Wanderer above the Mist
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 1’52”
year: 2014
concept, recordings, camera work, cast, image & sound processing, animation & montage: Maria Korporal

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