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Breathing Bags

This is a short teaser of Breathing Bags, a project by Maria Korporal for the festival 48 Stunden Neukölln 2021. The video will be online on 18-20 June in the video-on-demand section of the festival:

Breathing Bags are plastic bags with rubbish found on the streets of the district Neukölln in Berlin, which inflate and explode with breathing movements and sounds. One-way plastic bags are so ubiquitous in the street scene that we no longer even notice them. By watching them explode, we become aware of how much plastic is flying around and how microplastic particles pollute our air.
The short film presented in the festival is a hybrid mix of digital and analogue animation, and shows some street scenes in the neighbourhood where the Breathing Bags explode. A single paper bag comes to life and transforms into a scene full of surprises. A glimmer of hope for our world.

title: Breathing Bags
technique: Experimental video and animated charcoal drawing
length: 3’18”
year: 2021
background sound: Zsolt Sores – ArtuSound 2010 by Sounds of Europe, licensed under CC BY-NC 3.0
video concept, camera, charcoal animation, effects and montage: Maria Korporal
© Maria Korporal 2021

Stills from the video:




Online from May 20: Bologna in Lettere 2021, the festival online.
•••> the video on YouTube

Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) is no longer confined to winter depression. As the climate crisis grows, this disease occurs more frequently. When the environment is disturbed, we humans also suffer from disturbance – because we are just part of the environment.
Inspired by the sonopoem of Ilaria Boffa, which deals with this current situation, Maria Korporal’s video expresses these tensions between conflict and harmony. Using animated charcoal drawing on a deformed video of the seashore, the transformation of images leads us into a haunting universe.

title: S.A.D.
technique: Experimental video and animated charcoal drawing
length: 3’25”
year: 2021
poem: “S.A.D.” written and spoken by Ilaria Boffa
soundtrack: field recording by Ilaria Boffa
Lucio Battisti’s song “Nessun Dolore” (No Pain) recorded at George Washington University is performed by the I-Talians band during the NeMLA conference “Writing in a different language”.
video concept, camera, charcoal animation, effects and montage: Maria Korporal
© Maria Korporal 2021

Stills from the video:


Ilaria Boffa is an Italian poet. She has published three poetry collections and she is one of the eight authors included in the North East American Association publication ‘Writing in a Different Language’ Vol XL 2018. Over the last years, she has been experimenting with field recording, blending her spoken word with sounds.
Her work can be read and listened here:

Lecture and work show on sustainability and art

Video recording of the online multimedia lecture by Maria Korporal on March 18, 2021, as part of a workshop series organized by SocialArt e.V., Kulturmühle Lietzen. The conference is in German language.

The artist tells about her way of working and she shows her works
– Passing By
– Desert Tree
– Give Us Back Our Shadows
– Underwater Desert
– Among the Leaves
– Rekall
– Breathearth
– Tree Travelling
– Emergency Call Center
– Thinking with my Knee
– and some collaborative projects and activities.

Railway Flower Labyrinth

Short presentation of KORPORAL MAZE-A-MAZE, or Railway Flower Labyrinth, an interactive installation by Maria Korporal. The video above presents some moments during the first exhibition Im bewegten Labyrinth, September 2020 in Galerie LortzingART, Hannover.

New presentation:
• May 21 – June 6, 2021: Medianautik, Gallery VBK, Berlin, together with the multimedial project Korporal Labyrinth

© Maria Korporal, 2020/2021


Due to Corona, the exhibition originally planned for 2020 has now opened in a modified form. In the showroom behind the windows of the VBK, contributions by Rosika Janko-Glage, Helga Wagner, Barbara Czarnojahn, Maria Korporal, Andrea Streit, Lupe Godoy and Tom Albrecht are shown. Other participants in the exhibition are Conrad Brockstedt, Burchard Vossmann, Lina Schobel and Paul Reßl as well as the Kollektiv thinking of Yves (Andrea Streit and Nancy Happ).

The exhibition was opened virtually via Facebook and will be accompanied throughout the duration of the exhibition. As soon as the Corona situation allows, the exhibition will be opened to visitors in its entirety and for real.

Virtual exhibition and ongoing project:

The exhibition in the showroom behind the windows of the VBK is open from 12.2.2021 to 07.03.2021.

KLIMAKIPPPUNKTE: Climate Tipping Points – exhibition in VBK
In their work, the artists deal with the causes and effects of climate change – the forms of expression are completely individual and range from painting, collage, video and installation to conceptual art. The result is a very complex exhibition on a virulent topic – exciting, stimulating for discussion and entertaining at the same time.
The project is funded by GMS Immobilia KG.


In the preview Maria Korporal shows her video Emergency Call.
When the exhibition finally takes place (in better times), she will present her new installation Emergency Call Center.



Corona and Climate Crisis

• October 16 – December 11, 2020: group exhibition Corona and Climate Crisis, GG3 / Group Global 3000, Berlin.
Maria Korporal participates with her video installation Corona Tree Travelling.


The work is part of the multidisciplinary installation Tree Travelling


Since we limit the number of guests to a maximum of seven at a time for half an hour or an hour each, we ask you to register at
It is possible to stay in the front garden.

Info and program of the exhibition:

Tree Travelling

NEW: the online version of the project, Tree Travelling: Boom the Boom! will be shown in the 5° Festival Ecrã, which will take place online on July 15-25, 2021.

The Tree Travelling project is a multidisciplinary installation, which was shown in the exhibition Die Sehnsucht nach dem Grünen, Kulturmühle Perwenitz, August 23 – September 27, 2020.

click on the image to see the trailer

The work includes a video of the world map with all airplanes that are currently flying, generated from a real-time radar. In front of the monitor there is a small tree trunk. When you move it, you fill the world with growing trees, while the airplanes slowly disappear.

Worldwide, more than 1.4 billion people now travel internationally every year, up from 500 million trips in 1995. The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) predicts that figure will reach or exceed 1.8 billion by 2030.
The tourism boom brings economic growth, but the damages are severe, especially from an ecological point of view. Almost all cheap international mass travels are flights. It is alarming when you realize how many airplanes are in the air right now and how much CO2 is emitted every moment.

With my little tree trunk I invite the spectators to stand stil for just a while and reflect about this boom. When they move the trunk, they let trees travel all over the world, interrupt the constant air traffic and make the air brighter. It’s time we become aware of what trees mean to our earthly life. We can hardly do anything better than planting trees to help to save the future of this planet.

Tree Travelling, 3 fine art prints mounted on forex


When this project was conceived, we were in the middle of a global tourism boom. But then the corona virus came. The tourism boom collapsed in no time. The real-time radar view of the aircraft has changed drastically. I created a new video work, “Corona Tree Travelling”, which is not interactive – the corona crisis make the trees grow without human intervention. The video première was on August 23 in the exhibition Die Sehnsucht nach dem Grünen.

Two stills from the video “Corona Tree Travelling”

An excerpt from the video in the exhibition
Die Sehnsucht nach dem Grünen.


The Tree Travelling Journal, digital prints on A3, follows the development of the project in times of coronavirus and climate change. It is a work in progress – what the future holds…

© Maria Korporal – 2020