title: Energy!

Installation 1:
technique: Installation composed of 180 panels attached together with invisible nylon threads. The small hanging panels are covered on the front side with digital images, on the rear side with adesive golden mirror. The spaces between the panels make it possible to look inside the structure.
size: 180 panels of 18 x 13 cm, complex measure 100 x 100 x 135 cm
year: 2001-2002
© Maria Korporal

Installation 2:

technique: Installation composed of digital images printed on transparant film and mounted on perspex, attached together with invisible nylon threads. Two speakers mounted on the top side of the installation emit a “soundtrack” of synthetic music fragments.
size: 72 panels of 12,5 x 16,5 cm, complex measure 54 x 54 x 82 cm
© Maria Korporal

This work is an ironic comment on the way in which sport and fysical activities are treated in modern society: the cult of the body, eternal youth etc. It is a contemporary interpretation of Plato’s cave, where the shadows are moving continuously against a background of videoscreens, accompanied by the frenetic rythm of synthetical music.

Energy! the prints

9 lambda prints on aluminium, 10/10 – 130 x 100 cm – 2005 – © Maria Korporal