Joseph Beuys

Pensare con il ginocchio

Screening e presentazioni:
• 29 ottobre 2021: Videograma, Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Bogotà, Colombia.
• 1-4 luglio 2021: Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021, Official Selection, Nová synagóga Žilina, Slovakia.
• 26 marzo – 4 giugno 2021: Beuys for Future, GG3 / Group Global 3000, Berlin. Leggi il comunicato stampa (inglese) di Dr. Ralf Weiß.

Omaggio a Joseph Beuys.
During a walk in the streets of Beuys’ city Düsseldorf, I photographed a piece of rubbish sitting on the asphalt. Later I anthropomorphised and animated it, using charcoal drawing. It changed into a spontaneously created microcosm.
Transforming the waste by using associative drawing, I want to make it clear that humanity is destroying its environment. It possesses, however, also a strong creative power, which it can use to improve the world and shape the future. To quote Joseph Beuys: “The only revolutionary force is the force of human creativity.”
The title of my video refers to Beuys‘ famous saying: “I think with my knee anyway.” He meant that rational thinking is unable to meet up with the complexity of artistic thought. That’s why good artists use to think crosswise and around corners. In other words with the knee.

titolo: Thinking with my Knee (Pensare con il ginocchio)
tecnica: Animazione digitale e analogica con foto e disegno a carboncino
durata: 1’43”
anno: 2021
© Maria Korporal 2021

Immagini dal video: