Mariacristina Ferrari


“Wor(l)ds without end” originates from a very special relationship between two women who never met, but have been connected since ever. They invented several ways to communicate through networks, and they managed to cancel the (physical) distance by means of words, images, colors, sounds. In this way, they created a bridge which allows them to meet, to dialogue, to share emotions, thoughts and sensations.
A bridge generating a constellation in which stars are born and re-born, are moving and are being transformed into a journey, without departure or arrival… the place is always Here, the time is always Now.
The constellation dancing on the background of the two videos has been composed of words taken from a text by Jiddu Krishnamurti on “Love”; the text is moving constantly in a fluid and light way, sometimes readable, sometimes completely fragmented.
Against this background spheres are moving; they are stars, giving birth to poetic verses which transform and generate other stars; there is a continuous dialogue between words and images, colors and sounds. Sometimes the hands of the protagonists appear, interacting between themselves and with the forms.

title: WOR(L)DS WITHOUT END – interstellar dialogues
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 11’00” in loop
year: 2011
video and animation: Maria Korporal
texts: Mariacristina Ferrari
music: Michael J Stewart