Tree Travelling sull’autostrada

Prima installazione nel progetto Tree Travelling.
Mostra: 1 novembre – 13 dicembre 2019: Artists for Future, Group Global 3000, Berlino.

On the screen we see images of intense car and air traffic. In front of the monitor a small tree trunk stands on a world map. Moving it slowly over the map you replace the traffic with trees that grow all over the screen.

The images were taken from a bridge over the Berlin motorway, an accidental moment on a casual day. It could be anywhere in our industrialized world in which automobiles and airplanes always move, the faster the better, the more disastrous for the environment. The clock in the picture shows the progress of time: we are rushing blindly into the future.
With my little tree trunk I invite the spectator to stand stil for just a while and reflect. Then move the trunk and let trees travel all over the world… It’s time we become aware of what trees mean to our earthly life. We can hardly do anything better than planting trees to help to save the future of this planet.

© Maria Korporal 2019

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