The Mighty Magic Fruit Machine

Teaser video for
“THE MIGHTY MAGIC FRUIT MACHINE: eat and regener-ate”,
An interactive project, programmed with the Raspberry Pi
© Maria Korporal, 2017
First presentation in Group Global 3000, Berlin, 19.05 – 30.06.2017

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The visitors of the exhibition are invited to play with a virtual fruit machine, which is projected as a large image on the wall. You can click with the mouse on a button to play. The rotating wheels of this slot machine show fresh fruits alternated by packaging waste of sweets, snacks, lemonade, cigarettes etc.
If you have caught a fresh piece of fruit, you are invited to eat it: with every mouse click you take a bite. Thus, the fruit becomes smaller and smaller until only kernels remain. These cores are rotating again in the carousel of the machine, until they come to a halt in one of the next rounds of the game. Now the visitor has the chance to regenerate the fruit again. With every mouse click, the fruit grows larger until it is fully grown.

The fresh fruit offers a tempting sight. With the virtual consumption of the fruits you almost experience the real enjoyment of fresh fruit, which is enhanced by natural sound effects.
On the one hand, the “regenerating” of the fruits gives a satisfying feeling: here healthy, fresh foods are “grown”. On the other hand, the immediate vicinity of the packaging waste is a disturbing element which makes the eating of the beautiful fruits unappetizing and raises the disturbing question: how natural are the circumstances in which fruits grow?

THE MIGHTY MAGIC FRUIT MACHINE will be presented in the group exhibition “Can you buy pleasure?”, from May 19 to June 30, 2017, in Group Global 3000, Leuschnerdamm 19, Berlin – see website.



Specchiatura (In the Mirror) • a video by Maria Korporal
on a poem by Faraòn Meteosès

with dancer Alessandro Pintus – NON COMPANY –

cast: Alessandro Pintus – butoh dance
recitative: Nina Maroccolo, Faraòn Meteosès
text: Faraòn Meteosès (Stefano Amorese)
music: Daniele Venturi – – with Alessandro Stradaioli on contrabass
direction, camera, images, effects and montage: Maria Korporal


The video has been published on a DVD as part of the project “Largo Sguardo”.
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> see also storyboard of the video

Death Dance Visions

The artist performs a death dance ritual in the Schwerbelastungskörper (German: “heavy load-bearing body”), a construction built in Berlin in Nazi time, full of memory. During the dance, Death takes possession of the artist’s “third eye”: a small videocamera attached to her forehead. The skull’s visions through the third eye take their own form: they become globes, leaving holes in the building to the sky outside. Freed from the walls, the artist dances in the open air, while Death’s visions circle around her like seven moons and rise up in the sky, to loose themselves in space.

music: “Danse macabre” by Camille Saint-Sans, midi orchestration by Maria Korporal
concept, camera, acting, sound, effects and montage: Maria Korporal
© Maria Korporal 2014

Anne Frank in Milan

“Anne Frank”, a video by Maria Korporal with music by Shiri Malckin and text/voice by Nina Maroccolo, has been selected for the group show “IL GIORNO DELLA MEMORIA”, January 27 to February 10, 2017.

Opening: Friday January 27, 2017, at 18.00
Associazione Circuiti Dinamici
Via Giovanola 19-20 – Milano, Italy

Artists: Cristian Aloi Aluà, Serenella Angeloni Cortesi, Anna Argentino e Giovanni Annese, Amalia Francesca Annese, Alberto Balletti, Nicola Bertoglio, Mirta Caccaro, Silvia Calvi, Silvana Cammi, Magda Chiarelli, Maria Korporal, Francesco Lasalandra, Claudio Lepri, Vanna Mazzei, Vetulia Mele, Luca Migliore, Donatella Sarchini, Massimo Scarficcia, Ivan Sghirinzetti, Claudio Stefanoni, Marco Trentin, Elisa Zadi, Sara Zaghetto, Paola Zorzi.
Curator: Antonia Guglielmo.

Defrosting device for apparently meaningless ink stains

New edition with new soundtrack!

The video has been created on a piece of “musique concrete” which deals with the theme of incommunicability. Composer Emiliano Pietrini (Globoscuro) constructed his music on a series of “nonsense” dialogues embraced by a carpet of sounds created with a toy piano, vocals, analog synthesizer, theremin, piano, field recordings, self-made metal percussions and old talking toys with dead batteries. Following this sound trail, video artist Maria Korporal created a visual walk in the main railway station of Berlin – a walk along a platform where all lines loose themselves in the center. Out of this vanishing point a crystal is born, in which walking and talking people are captured. The crystal turns around and splits up into more fragments, then melts into slow moving ink-like stains where all communication seems to flow together. At the end of the platform, the liquid forms become a crystal again, opening itself for a journey to continue in new times and new spaces.

The music has been written for the compilation “Italian experimental underground 015 survey vol. II” promoted by Unexplained Sounds (Raffaele Pezzella) and available at the following link:

title: Defrosting device for apparently meaningless ink stains
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 5’41”
year: 2015-2016
music: Abstract noise-scape for toy piano, vocals, analog synthesizer, field recordings, self-made metal percussions, theremin, piano and old talking toys with dead batteries, written and composed by Globoscuro (Emiliano Pietrini)
voices: Ilaria Fierro, Emiliano Pietrini and random field-recorded voices
video concept, camera, animazione, effetti e montaggio: Maria Korporal


Felix in Hortus Conclusus

“Felix in Hortus Conclusus”: a bicycle trip to the live concert of Hortus Conclusus Records, in Friedenskirche Charlottenburg, Berlin, April 10, 2016

The soundtrack of this video is an excerpt from the track “Encephalogramophones”, written and composed on stage by Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Ángel Sánchez Cervera and Emiliano Pietrini , with the metaphysical vocal contribution by Aphra Tesla, during the live concert of Hortus Conclusus Records (Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, Braghsdn and Globoscuro) on April 10, 2016 in “Die Baptisten In Berlin – Friedenskirche Charlottenburg”.
Link to download:
Hortus Conclusus Records © 2016

Video shooting, effects and montage by
Maria (Felix) Korporal © 2016

This video has been published previously in Dotswaves TV EP 1.3, May 2016


“Breathearth” – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal.
A video screen shows an initial view of a desolate landscape, dry and barren. The spectators are invited to breathe in a small earth globe, in which has been hidden a micophone connected to the system. With each breath, grass, leaves and flowers appear in the landscape, until they cover the whole ground with colours and life. When the breathing stops, after a short time the vegetation disappears and the landscape turns barren again: the earth needs our breath to stay alive!
Which each new session, other combinations of vegetation appear – it is always a surprise which flowers will be produced by your breathing.

“Breathearth” has been presented in Group Global 3000, Berlin, 8-10th July 2016 as part of the festival HearteartH Berlin Milan 2016 – see also

Breathearth, a work by Maria (Felix) Korporal ©
Technical details: Raspberry Pi, monitor, small earth globe with encapsulated microphone.


REKALL – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal. The work has been inspired by a short story by Philip K. Dick, in which people who want to travel, but due to various circumstances cannot go, ask Rekall Inc. for help. Rekall promises its customers to implant artificial memories that are indistinguishable from real ones. Although the customer is informed in advance that the “experienced” is not real, the “memories” evoke the same emotions as real experiences.
The robot “Rekall” is a small wind-up toy robot which runs on a small globe, and makes the earth spin around under its feet. The artist has created an interactive computer application, with which the visitors of the exhibition can interact. In the initial screen, you can select a country from a list of all 240 countries in the world, click on “go!”, and off you go! At the end you will find your own face in the middle of a view of the selected country. A virtual postcard will be sent to the system. All stored postcards are printed by the artist, and hung on the wall above the table in the exhibition. The work emphasizes the absurdity of mass tourism, the superficiality of the short long-distance trips, which sometimes seem to have the only goal of getting a palpable proof “that one has been there” – while the ecosystem is destroyed and the original culture is lost.

Rekall with postcardsREKALL has had a large success in Group Global 3000 – Art and Other Sustainabilities, as part of the exhibition “Reisen / Traveling”, from 15.01 to 11.03.2016.
All virtual postcards – the selfies made by the visitors in their holiday country – have been printed and collected in THE REKALL BOOK, which can be seen on demand in the gallery or in the artist’s studio.

Des Königs neue Kleider

Third Eye Factory’s interactive installation “Des Königs neue Kleider * The King’s New Clothes” from November 11 to December 9, 2016, in Group Global 3000, Berlin, as part of the group exhibition “Der Einzelhandel ist mit dem Weihnachtsgeschäft zufrieden”.
Website Group Global 3000:

An interactive advent calendar. People can click on the numbers from 1 to 24 to open the small doors. With each click, when the advent calendar door opens, you can hear a female or male voice advertising for gorgeous clothes you should wear for Christmas. Behind the doors a green background becomes gradually visible, at the beginning showing a blurred and unrecognizable image, but slowly becoming more sharply and at the end it is revealed.
Website Third Eye Factory:


A video by Third Eye Factory

In an old cemetery, the graves become one with nature. Tombstones are covered by vegetation, names are hidden and become memories that only earth can read.
In the video a tombstone is freed from the leaves and reveals the inscription “Unsere Lieselotte” – our Lieselotte. A memory comes to light, the warmth of affection, the cry for a loss. Leaves grow and cover again, memories are buried but life goes on forever.


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