. unending .

. unending .
A video by Maria Korporal with a poem by Daìta Martinez.

New screening:
• November 20-30, 2021: Nuvola Creativa | Festival delle Arti, Tempio Romanico di S. Francesco, Capranica VT, Italy.

“I am acutely aware of how humanity is destroying nature, accelerating climate change in an un-natural way, with dramatic consequences for the lives of all living creatures in our time and, even more, in times to come. Yet, I do not believe in catastrophes. It is my personal conviction that time is circular, that everything is destined to change and be reborn: eternal rebirth. This is a conviction that goes beyond the individual and concerns collective awareness. I believe that life cannot be destroyed – or perhaps it is better to say: I wish to believe, but wishing is the essence and engine of our doing.” (MK)

The project . unending . treats transformations that take place in the continuous cycle of life. The images and sounds, created by the artist Maria Korporal, are interwoven with the verses of the poet Daìta Martinez: a cycle of seven stages, each of which represents a different animal that is born from a stone, rises up and then sinks down again and, changing back into stone, is reunited with the earth, to be born once again, ad infinitum.
The poem . unending . is unpublished, and has been written expressly for the video:

whisperings of accent
devout suspension

a tail

multitude and shadow
of seed a bell tolls

and eyes

agile echo of incisions
tread of intuitions

. unending .

water drawing near
an expression blowing


hanging inside a
primitive conception


interwoven by flanks
light breathed by silence

of ascent

– Daìta Martinez –
(translation by Brenda Porster)



Original italian version

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