Where the Waters Flow …

In this third video of the project Korporal Labyrinth, the artist performs a ritual walk from the place where her mother died to the place where she was born, crossing the Merwede, the river from both their childhood. On the top of the bridge, the artist throws the nightgown in which her mother died down into the waters. It flows away with the stream, and it reappears on the banks of the river Spree in Berlin, where the artist actually lives. She takes it out of the waters and in her hands it transforms into a labyrinth, which is filled with water. “The water has memory” – the words whispered by the artist in the ear of her lover tell the essence of this video: the story of a life is memorized in the water and flows around the world.

titolo: Where the Waters Flow
tecnica: Video sperimentale e animazione
durata: 4’26”
anno: 2014
starring: Maria (Felix) Korporal, Astrid Astra Indricane
locations: the “Labyrinth” in the Gärten der Welt (Berlin), the railway and bridge on the Merwede (Dordrecht-Sliedrecht), the Spree (Berlin)
background sound recording: “City river ambience” (London) by Chris Reidy
camera: Maria (Felix) Korporal, Jurgen Korporaal
video, sound design and all other artwork: Maria (Felix) Korporal

all about the project Korporal Labyrinth, incl. 4-minutes trailer

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