Dust Thou Art

“Dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” Meditation of the artist recovering from an eye operation, during her walks in Berlin in May 2017, where she met the famous statue of the Trümmerfrau* infested with caterpillar webs from the tree next to it, while the wind played gently with the strings of the artist’s guitar, turning it into an aeolian harp.

* Literally translated as ruins woman or rubble woman, German-language name for women who, in the aftermath of World War II, cleaned up the bombed cities of Germany and Austria, removing all ruins.

title: Dust Thou Art
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 3’32”
year: 2017
video concept, camera, animation, effects, sound and montage: Maria Korporal
© Maria Korporal 2017

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