Breathing Bags

Breathing Bags is een project van Maria Korporal voor het festival 48 Stunden Neukölln 2021: 48-stunden-neukoelln.de/en/location/video-demand-0 Breathing Bags •••>


NEW: Screening première 21 + 28 november 2021: Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival, georganiseerd door The Poetic Phonoteque, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Kopenhagen, Denemarken. Online première 20 mei 2021: Bologna in Lettere 2021, il festival online. •••> de video op YouTube Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) is no •••>

Denken met de knie

Screenings en presentaties: • 1-4 juli 2021: Fest Anča International Animation Festival 2021, Official Selection, Nová synagóga Žilina, •••>

ZoOm into my Room

The full version is now available as pay-per-view on www.visualcontainer.tv! In this video I try to show the human experience of loneliness and impotence during their „meetings“ in cyberspace. Even if the light image accurately depicts the person, eye contact is impossible. We look at a screen that shows a simulacra of some other human being and of ourselves. •••>

The First After-Corona Kiss

The video was created in the first half of April 2020, while the world was rapidly overwhelmed by •••>

Emergency Call

NIEUWE SCREENINGS: • 23 april 2021: Aims Virtual Vertical Film Festival, Colorado USA. • 19 maart – 20 •••>

Reynard the Fox

Korporal Zoo X: “Reynard the Fox”. Video installation with 12 triangular canvases (digital prints with manual intervention), and •••>


The video above is a 3-minutes trailer*teaser. The whole video is more than 13 minutes long and has •••>

La Vitruviana

NEW: The film has been selected for the Flick Film Festival (USA) and will be screened on Zoom •••>

Walkabout – Under the Same Roof

Maria Korporal’s contribution to the collective installation “Under the Same Roof” The video wall “Walkabout” is Maria Korporal’s •••>