a video by Maria Korporal

The video above is a short trailer.
The full version is 10:27 long and is available as pay-per-view on

Why do humans do themselves harm? Why do they destroy the nature they are part of?
These are the questions that the artist, as part of humankind, asks herself, through a variety of expressive spaces and languages including performances, fragments of historical films and animated drawings on paper. The whispers of “nevermore” pronounced by the artist and transformed into voices both feminine and masculine make us think of a promise sealed with a kiss – a promise that takes wing and is carried off by the wind. The uncertainty that marks mankind’s destiny finds an echo in the call of the crows: their “cras, cras!” means “tomorrow, tomorrow!” in Latin. These cries may signify hope, but also indecision and the eternal postponement of choice.

technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 10’27”
year: 2012
historical film fragments: excerpts from “The Air Force Story” (1953, public domain)
field recording of frogs & toads: Benboncan
field recording of crows: Jim Blodget
all other recordings, camera work, cast, image & sound processing, animation & montage: Maria Korporal

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