Pervitin Power

The video will be showed for the first time in the exhibition Verfremdung in Gallery VBK, Berlin, from October 29 to November 14, 2021. After the exhibition opening, from November 1, the video will also be shown online in ESSENCE/ABSENCE, Pavilion of The Wrong Biennale n°5, curated by Matteo Campulla. •••>

Short Stories

“Short Stories” is an immersive 360° video. You can move your mouse or finger to walk around in •••>

Lost Theatre

“Lost Theatre” is an immersive 360° video. You can move your mouse or finger to walk around the •••>

Breathing Bags

Breathing Bags are plastic bags with rubbish found on the streets, which inflate and explode with breathing movements •••>


NEW: Screening premiere on November 28, 2021: Nature and Culture – Poetry Film Festival, organized by The Poetic Phonoteque, Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Denmark. Online premiere May 20: Bologna in Lettere 2021, the festival online. Seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) is no longer confined to winter depression. As the •••>

Thinking with my Knee

Screenings and presentations: • October 29, 2021: Videograma, Festival Internacional de Videoarte, Bogotà, Colombia. • July 1-4, 2021: •••>

ZoOm into my Room

The full version is now available as pay-per-view on www.visualcontainer.tv! In this video I try to show the human experience of loneliness and impotence during their „meetings“ in cyberspace. Even if the light image accurately depicts the person, eye contact is impossible. We look at a screen that shows a simulacra of some other human being and of ourselves. •••>

The First After-Corona Kiss

The video was created in the first half of April 2020, while the world was rapidly overwhelmed by •••>

La Vitruviana

Leonardo da Vinci’s drawing of a male figure perfectly inscribed in a circle and square, known as the •••>

Emergency Call

NEW SCREENINGS: • April 23, 2021: Aims Virtual Vertical Film Festival, Colorado USA. • March 19 – April •••>