Emergency Call

• 23 april 2021: Aims Virtual Vertical Film Festival, Colorado USA.
• 19 maart – 20 april 2021: Panorama Vol #3, samengesteld door Muriel Paraboni / Véspera Visual Media, op VisualcontainerTV.

Over de video:
While the summer in Berlin in 2018 was the hottest and driest in the whole history, the month of July 2017 had brought us only heavy rain. The Landwehrkanal emerged from the banks, basements overflowed. Extreme climatological events, which take place all over the world, should be a warning sign to large industry and governments. My hope is that humanity will respond to Earth’s emergency call and not let the phone rust in the water.


Screenings of the complete video:
• 12 februari – 7 maart 2021: Klimakipppunkte, preview in de etalage/showroom van Galerie VBK, Berlijn, en online.
• 12 oktober 2019: Vertical Movie Festival, Museum Macro Asilo, Rome – official selection.
• 7 september – 31 december 2019: HUMAN RIGHTS? #CLIMA, samengesteld door Roberto Ronca, Fondazione Opera Campana dei Caduti, Rovereto, Italië.
• 15 maart – 10 mei 2019: Sintflut heute, Group Global 3000, Berlijn.

title: Emergency Call
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 5’20”
year: 2019
telephone sounds: juskiddink, gadzooks
music: Vladimir Hirsch, Elegy – excerpt
concept, camera, animation, effects and montage: Maria Korporal

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