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Maria Korporal participated in the video art project Global Videos with her video “Stay or fly away?”. She was present on December 10 at Podium de Flux in Zaandam, where also participated in the discussion that took place after the projection of the videos, led by Lili Brouwer (FNV), with Sonja Mischor, Eca Eps and Evelien de Jong. In the context of the discussion Korporal’s video “The Waltz” was also screened.

About the project:

In 1948 on December 10, the UN Council adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This day is marked as the International Day of Human Rights. The Dutch organization Global Village Artists Network (Stichting White Cube) has created a truly world wide project especially for this day. Not only did video artists from each corner of the world join this project, the videos have also been shown simultaneously at different venues around the globe.
The project has been curated by Jeroen van Paassen.

28 art videos from every part of the globe to every part of the globe. Bringing the importance of human rights to a global audience.
This small video shows the screening of Global Videos on December 10, 2016 at Podium DE FLUX in Zaandam /// 3-second-fragments of all 28 videos:

1. Human Rights is Global, 1:31, by Erik Sok, the Netherlands
2. Remains, 2:18, by Daniel Wechsler, Israel
3. La Marelle (Hopscotch), 1:27, by Irene de Lucas & Julien Brumauld, Spain & France
4. When I Grow Up, 8:19, by Neil Howe, Australia
5. Land, 3:15, by Ausín Sáinz, Spain
6. You Gotta Fight For Your Rights, 2:30, by Johannes C. Gérard Germany/the Netherlands
7. Suomi F. Eurooppalinen (Finland European), 10:10, by Sami Ala, Finland
8. State Of Liberty, 1:22, by Vanja Mervič, Slovenia
9. Human Fights, 1:40, by Sonja Mischor, Germany
10. Unohdettu (Forgotten), 2:17, by Jouni Vesanen, Finland
11. Stay Or Fly Away? , 0:49, by Maria Korporal, the Netherlands
12. Distance, 7:10, by Salvatore Insana, Italy
13. Angels And Demons, 2:09, by Małgorzata Białek, Katarzyna Kosajda & Kamila Buturla, Poland
14. You Cannot Climb Mudan Mountain, 2:37, by Moses Tan, Singapore
15. Inner Transition, 0:59, by LucFosther Diop, Cameroon
16. Doing & Undoing. Motherhood, 4:40, by Cristiana de Marchi, Italy/Lebanon
17. Jokainen Nainen (Every Woman), 2:30, by Mia Rantavaara & Sanni Hujanen, Finland
18. Focus, 3:06, by Max Leach, UK
19. 19 Mujeres (19 Women), 2:50, by Adriana Albi, Argentina
20. Silence 3, 1:13, by Gabriel Andreu, Spain
21. Salt Mine, 1:50, by Tarah Rhoda, USA
22. PEACE HAPPY CANDY, 1:00, by Evelien de Jong, the Netherlands
23. Tissit (Tits), 2:34, by Elsa Trzaska, Finland
24. The Omonoia project, 0:51, by Athina Kanellopoulou, Greece
25. A Love Song To Socotra Island, 2:51, by Amira Al-Sharif, Yemen
26. Goran, 10:40, by Roberto Santaguida, Italy/Canada
27. Class, 1:49, by Reza Golchin, Iran
28. Tissa Oukolo (We Are One), 1:38, by Abdoul-Ganiou Dermani, Togo.

Photos of some different venues that hosted Global Videos

Global Videos has been screened simultaneously at the following locations:

Filmhuis Alkmaar
Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Burnaby Arts Council/Deer Lake Gallery
Burnaby, BC, Canada

Sinema Kolekan
Jakarta, Indonesia

Studio Seven
Karachi, Pakistan

Gallery Mcube
Lalitpur, Nepal

Comuna de Han-Ian
Macau, Macau SAR

Beechwood House
Moffat, Scotland

Studio Sonia Gil
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Galleria Rajatila
Tampere, Finland

Kulturhuset Kilden
Brøndby, Denmark

Helsinki Cosmopolitan Association
Helsinki, Finland

Mamuta Art and Research Center
Jerusalem, Israel

Spółdzielnia Ogniwo
Kraków, Poland

The Serpentine Gallery
Lismore, NSW, Australia

Noname hub
Milan, Italy

The Little One Atelier
Hong Kong, Hong Kong SAR

Paratissima/Youth Club
Skopje, Macedonia

Nest Art Center
Bogota, Colombia

Podium de Flux (Global Videos Main venue)
Zaandam, the Netherlands

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> see the event on website Podium De Flux

Program in Podium de Flux (Global Videos Main venue):
19.30 room open
20.00 opening performance: Eca Eps
20.10 opening speech: Jeroen van Paassen
20.15 Global Videos part 1
21.00 performance: Sonja Mischor
21.05 break
21.15 Global Videos part 2
22.00 break
22.10 2nd video Maria Korporal
22.15 discussion led by Lili Brouwer (FNV) with Eps, Mischor, De Jong & Korporal
22.45 questions by the public
23.00 ‘Keihard Dansen’

Free admission

Podium De Flux
Zuiderkerkstraat 2, 1501 NE Zaandam
see Google Maps

Global Videos

Global Videos

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