Flashback’17 Now & After Festival

HearteartH, a video by Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica and Maria Korporal, will be presented as part of a special program in the festival NOW&AFTER’17, Moscow. NOW&AFTER’17 theme is FLASHBACK’17 The Festival’s seventh edition will be held at the Center of Creative Industries FABRIKA July 5th – 30th, 2017 OPENING: July 5th at 8pm at CCI Fabrika (Perevedenovsky lane, 18) Now&After’17 organizer Media Art Center Now&After Now&After’17 co-organizer CCI Fabrika Now&After Director and Curator Marina Fomenko This year International Video Art Festival Now&After reviews the intermediate results of its first seven years and takes place without open call. •••>

Breathe water in… breathe water out…

Video art exhibition at the Open Air Water-Power Museum, Dimitsana, GR On the occasion of the World Day for the Environment (June 5), the Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation invites Video Art Miden to present the video art exhibition “Breathe water in… breathe water out…” at the Open Air Water-Power Museum, in Dimitsana (Greece), opening on June 5. 11 video art works from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, Hungary, Brazil, USA, Japan and the Netherlands meet in an aquatic, breezy program with a summer and philosophical mood, starring water in various forms. The program is curated by Gioula Papadopoulou and •••>

The Mighty Magic Fruit Machine

The Mighty Magic Fruit Machine

Teaser video for “THE MIGHTY MAGIC FRUIT MACHINE: eat and regener-ate”, An interactive project, programmed with the Raspberry Pi © Maria Korporal, 2017 First presentation in Group Global 3000, Berlin, 19.05 – 30.06.2017 Deutsch – bitte hier klicken The visitors of the exhibition are invited to play with a virtual fruit machine, which is projected as a large image on the wall. You can click with the mouse on a button to play. The rotating wheels of this slot machine show fresh fruits alternated by packaging waste of sweets, snacks, lemonade, cigarettes etc. If you have caught a fresh piece •••>

Die Grenzen der Sprache

Die Grenzen der Sprache (The Limits of Language) an interactive installation by Maria Korporal in the exhibition “Update 17”, 21.04 – 28.05.2017 in Galerie VBK, Schöneberger Ufer 57, 10785 Berlin •••>

Give Us Back Our Shadows in LICHT, Group Global 3000

The video “Give Us Back Our Shadows” by Maria Korporal will be shown in Berlin from 17.3 to 12.5.2017 as part of the exhibition LICHT (Light) in Group Global 3000. About the video: What happens when the sun shines behind a vast curtain of smog? Our shadows become vaguer and when the smog becomes thicker, they may not be visible at all. With the growing air pollution, the sunlight becomes less – it is the darkening of the earth, also called “global dimming” – and we are losing our shadows. An old Native American legend tells that an insect stole •••>

B.A. Film Festival 2017 – nuova sezione di videoarte

Il B.A. Film Festival è una manifestazione cinematografica nata nel 2003 con lo scopo di valorizzare le produzioni italiane di qualità – con particolare attenzione alle diverse professionalità che operano nel campo dell’audiovisivo – e di diffondere la cultura cinematografica attraverso proiezioni e laboratori per gli studenti (Made in Italy – Scuole), e l’incontro ravvicinato tra grandi personalità del cinema e il pubblico. Maria Korporal partecipa con il suo video Anne Frank, fatto in collaborazione con Nina Maroccolo (testo e voce) e Shiri Malckin (musica e sound design). SEZIONI – Videoarte: presentazione di opere di autori internazionali (nuova sezione) – Effetto Cinema: documentari e •••>

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