Interactive works

Breathearth Sprouting

Breathearth Sprouting is a new interactive installation in the Breathearth Project. It which will be shown in the •••>

Good Trip, Bad Trip

Driving your car through Berlin’s illuminated streets blasting out rock music at full volume is an exciting experience. It pulls you into a kind of trance. In my video the ride becomes the intoxication of a drug addict. The city scenes are well recognizable at the beginning, but •••>

Breath-Earth Beth-El

“Breath-Earth Beth-El” is a new installation which is part of the The Breathearth Project. The work was installed in the exhibition 100% FEMALE, organized by Stichting White Cube, from the 24th to the 27th of October 2019 in the Grand or St Laurens Church, Alkmaar (NL). This version •••>

Tree Travelling

a new interactive installation! First exhibition: November 1 – December 13, 2019: Artists for Future, Group Global 3000, •••>


BREATHEARTHEATRE is part of The Breathearth Project and was created in June 2019 during the 36. Neuenburger Kunstwoche, the 36th Neuenburg Art Week. As artist in residence Maria Korporal had the occasion to first develop and then present her installation on the stage of the local theater. During •••>

Breathearth Rebuilding

For 48 Stunden Neukölln Maria Korporal created a special version of her interactive project Breathearth: Breathearth Rebuilding. As •••>

Rekall Ubik @Neukölln

A screen shows a video of a small wind-up toy robot constantly crossing the roads of Neukölln: this •••>

Rekall Golem @Praha

Rekall Golem @Praha has been shown in the exhibition ZEITVERSCHIEBUNG, 1-14 April 2019 in Gallery VBK in Berlin. •••>

Breathearth Building

Short film about the project Breathearth, with the two versions “Breathearth Building” (for large projection) and Breathearth (for •••>

Breathearth – the first version

“Breathearth” – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal. The artist has also made a new version of the •••>