Recent Works & Highlights

ZoOm into my Room

(the video above is a short trailer) Our social and private life has undergone a drastic turn towards digitalisation as a consequence of the pandemic that originated in the beginning of 2020. Human contacts now often are replaced by video-chat Zoom or Jitsy. In this video I try •••>

Tree Travelling. Boom the Boom!

Trailer for my new interactive video project Tree Travelling: Boom the Boom! NEW! A special version of the project will be shown in the exhibition “Die Sehnsucht nach dem Grüne”, Kulturmühle Perwenitz, August 23 – September 27, 2020 The work was previously presented from 19th June 7 pm •••>

The First After-Corona Kiss

The video was created in the first half of April 2020, while the world was rapidly overwhelmed by •••>

Emergency Call Center

EMERGENCY CALL CENTER is a work in progress and was planned to be shown in the exhibition KLIMAKIPPPUNKTE •••>

Breathearth Sprouting

Breathearth Sprouting is a new interactive installation in the Breathearth Project. It will be shown in the exhibition •••>

Good Trip, Bad Trip

Driving your car through Berlin’s illuminated streets blasting out rock music at full volume is an exciting experience. •••>

Breath-Earth Beth-El

“Breath-Earth Beth-El” is a new installation which is part of the The Breathearth Project. The work was installed in the exhibition 100% FEMALE, organized by Stichting White Cube, from the 24th to the 27th of October 2019 in the Grand or St Laurens Church, Alkmaar (NL). This version •••>

Emergency Call

While the summer in Berlin in 2018 was the hottest and driest in the whole history, the month •••>

Tree Travelling

a new interactive installation! First exhibition: November 1 – December 13, 2019: Artists for Future, Group Global 3000, •••>


BREATHEARTHEATRE is part of The Breathearth Project and was created in June 2019 during the 36. Neuenburger Kunstwoche, the 36th Neuenburg Art Week. As artist in residence Maria Korporal had the occasion to first develop and then present her installation on the stage of the local theater. During •••>