Maria Korporal, alias Maria Felix Korporal: video art, installations, digital imaging, performance, web & graphic design.

Exhibitions & Events

UPDATE: Because of the coronavirus crisis, many current and upcoming exhibitions have been postponed or are shown online. Stay connected for updates! And stay healthy! Current and upcoming: • May 25, 2020 and ongoing: The Crown of the Corona, online exhibition curated by Boris Kostadinov, Artqol. Video The •••>

The First After-Corona Kiss

The video was created in the first half of April 2020, while the world was rapidly overwhelmed by •••>

The Breathearth Project

Breathearth is a series of interactive installations by Maria Korporal, made with a Raspberry Pi, a small earth •••>

Korporal Zoo: the project

“Korporal Zoo” is a series of video works by Maria Korporal, which observe the animal and human world •••>

Korporal Labyrinth

Korporal Labyrinth is a work in progress, an account of a visceral journey in different stadia, expressed in •••>


“Art is my life, the apparently endless walk from birth to death. My ideas and inspirations come from •••>