Mitte Media Festival

Maria Korporal nimmt mit ihrem Video Dust Thou Art am Mitte Media Festival teil.

Freitag 19. April 2019
Fata Morgana Galerie – Front Room
Torstraße 170, 10115 Berlin
21.15-23.15: Directors Lounge at Mitte Media Festival: Radically Subjective. A selection of Berlin filmmakers and artists who are friends of Directors Lounge and who have been screening their work on several occasions. Many of the works strive for a radical subjective expression, a presence by virtue of their images. Experimental film becomes radically subjective. Including works by Maria Korporal, Angela Christlieb, Björn Speidel, Brundert, Melissa Faivre, Gabriele Stellbaum, Deborah Uhde, Marissa Rae Niederhauser, Johnny Welch, Jos Diegel, Petra Lottje and Deborah Phillips.
Curated by Klaus W. Eisenlohr. See also RichFilm

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