Monographie auf VisualcontainerTV

Ausgewählte Werke 2008-2020
vom 23. April bis 31. Mai 2020
auf VisualcontainerTV:


VisualcontainerTV is glad to present a special monograph selection about the multimedia artist Maria Korporal.
Moreover, we are honored to present the premiere of the video artwork The First After-Corona Kiss for all the audiences of VisualcontainerTV.

Selected Videos:

Passing By, 7:39, 2008
The Waltz, 3:12, 2010
Avgerinos & Poulia, 7:00, 2011
Nevermore, 10:27, 2012
Third Eye Flying, 4:54, 2014
Between Memory and Destiny, 4:29, 2014
Anne Frank, 6:20, 2014
Dust Thou Art, 3:32, 2017
Reynard the Fox, 8:19, 2018
La Vitruviana, 2:14, 2018
The First After-Corona Kiss, 4:05, 2020

About VisualcontainerTV:
International Videoart Web Channel since 2009
VisualContainerTv is the screen to the contemporary videoart world in real time and available to all enthusiast and professional audience, online 24/7 with special monthly exhibitions.

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