Zweiart is the collaboration of two North European artists: Marina Buening from Germany and Maria Korporal from the Netherlands. Between 2006 and 2008 they made several multimedial projects together in Italy.


The first project by Zweiart, „Interface“, was presented in 2006 in the historical Roman gallery Al Ferro di Cavallo. The installation consists of a number of huge paper masks built by Marina Buening hanging from the ceiling. On these masks two different sets of images realised by Maria •••>

Performance mit roten Faden

Performance von Zweiart in Guidonia Montecelio, bei der Vernissage der Ausstellung „Singolare / plurale: dall’individuale all’universale“, November 2006. •••>

Is She Asleep?

Is She Asleep? is a celebration of madness – the kind of holy trance-like madness which only few •••>

Identified Moving Objects

Identified Moving Objects is a work by the artists‘ duo Zweiart (Marina Buening and Maria Korporal). The video •••>