The Breathearth Project

Breathearth is a series of interactive installations by Maria Korporal, made with a Raspberry Pi, a small earth globe and a projector.
Visitors are invited to take the small globe in their hands and gently blow on it. With every breath flowers and leaves appear on a surface or an object until it is covered with colour and life. Every new session presents other combinations of vegetation and it is a surprise to see what flowers one has created by breathing. When breathing is interrupted, you’ll note that after just a while the natural vegetation disappears: the earth cannot survive without our breath!
Breathearth is a work in progress. Several versions have already been created, for screens of different sizes and for large projections, with different backgrounds, leaves and flowers.

Breathearth Sprouting

Breath-Earth Beth-El


Breathearth Rebuilding

Breathearth - the project

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