Ars Amandi

The theme of Ars Amandi is Love in mythology, not only in antiquity but also in the 20th century: the myths of cinema. The title recalls the famous book by Ovid, and we see also many references to the Metamorphoses.
Ars Amandi consists in two parts: 1. a series of 15 images, lambda prints, composed with several digitally elaborated photographic elements, and 2. a video made by means of digital animation. The soundtrack of the video is The Art of Seduction, a work by the British composer Michael Stewart. The video and the images show a series of metamorphoses from stones to sculptures, alternated by classic movie sequences. Body fragments, but in particular Faces: sculpted and cinematographic heads that move to each other, join and separate in an infinite game.

title: Ars Amandi
1. The video
Digital animation with sound
length: 4’11”
2. The images
medium: Digital images, lambda prints
size: variable
anno: 2009
video and images © Maria Korporal
music © Michael J. Stewart

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