Reconnecting Songlines

A new installation in the Songlines project, from October 9 – November 1, 2020, in the exhibition Wild •••>

Tree Travelling

The work includes a video of the world map with all airplanes that are currently flying, generated from a real-time radar. In front of the monitor there is a small tree trunk. When you move it, you fill the world with growing trees, while the airplanes slowly disappear. •••>

Railway Flowers

Photo work, 2020 Fine art print on forex, 50 x 50 cm In Berlin there are many abandoned •••>

ZoOm into my Room

The full version is now available as pay-per-view on! In this video I try to show the human experience of loneliness and impotence during their „meetings“ in cyberspace. Even if the light image accurately depicts the person, eye contact is impossible. We look at a screen that shows a simulacra of some other human being and of ourselves. •••>

Tree Travelling. Boom the Boom!

Trailer for my online interactive video project Tree Travelling: Boom the Boom! The work was presented from •••>

The First After-Corona Kiss

The video was created in the first half of April 2020, while the world was rapidly overwhelmed by •••>

Emergency Call Center

EMERGENCY CALL CENTER is a work in progress and was planned to be shown in the exhibition KLIMAKIPPPUNKTE from 27.3 to 19.4.2020 in Galerie VBK, Berlin, but due to the coronavirus crisis the event has been postponed to better times. Keep in touch to be informed! The installation •••>

Breathearth Sprouting

Breathearth Sprouting is a new interactive installation in the Breathearth Project. It will be shown in the exhibition •••>

Good Trip, Bad Trip

Driving your car through Berlin’s illuminated streets blasting out rock music at full volume is an exciting experience. •••>

Zurückbleiben bitte! Mind the Gap!

“Zurückbleiben bitte!” Stay back, please! The voice through the underground’s intercom sometimes has a hiccup or it stammers. •••>