The first project by Zweiart, “Interface”, was presented in 2006 in the historical Roman gallery Al Ferro di Cavallo.
The installation consists of a number of huge paper masks built by Marina Buening hanging from the ceiling. On these masks two different sets of images realised by Maria Korporal are projected in sequences: one of them comes from a video projector, the other one from a slide projector. They show images of nets – elaborated by means of computer animation techniques – moving continuously, while playing with the organic forms of the masks. The choice for a net did not come by chance; in fact a net is a perfect representation of the concept “interface”, an entanglement of connections. All is accompanied by suggestive sounds playing in the background.
The faces always show different expressions and soon the person sitting in front of them starts to ask her/himself: “Who is really looking at whom?”

A project by Zweiart: Marina Buening and Maria Korporal.

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