Is a dot a black hole?

The video departs from a flipbook. While the artist flips through the pages, a big dot comes alive. Or is it a hole? Many other smaller dots come out of it, fly into cyberspace and transform themselves – but at the end they loose themselves in a big spiral and are sucked up again by the black dot in the flipbook.

The music is by Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli. “Knob-Twiddler” in the field of experimental music, fond of all possible links between sound and psychology, currently working on sounds and frequencies to be applied in several alternative cognitive-behavioral therapies in the treatment of various forms of DOC, freely inspired by experiments conducted by Jean Piaget in the 40s of last century.
All sounds of “Is A Dot A Black Hole?” were drawn up on Renoise 3.0.1 _

Belonging to the project HearteartH – see website

title: Is a dot a black hole?
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 2’22”
year: 2015
concept and visuals: Maria Korporal
music: Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli

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