“Breathearth” – an interactive installation by Maria Korporal.
A video screen shows an initial view of a desolate landscape, dry and barren. The spectators are invited to breathe in a small earth globe, in which has been hidden a micophone connected to the system. With each breath, grass, leaves and flowers appear in the landscape, until they cover the whole ground with colours and life. When the breathing stops, after a short time the vegetation disappears and the landscape turns barren again: the earth needs our breath to stay alive!
Which each new session, other combinations of vegetation appear – it is always a surprise which flowers will be produced by your breathing.

“Breathearth” has been presented in Group Global 3000, Berlin, 8-10th July 2016 as part of the festival HearteartH Berlin Milan 2016 – see also www.heartearth.xyz

Breathearth, a work by Maria (Felix) Korporal © www.mariakorporal.com
Technical details: Raspberry Pi, monitor, small earth globe with encapsulated microphone.

HearteartH – all started from here

“The Flying Sisters” are Sonia Laura Armaniaco aka §vonica and Maria Korporal. HearteartH is their first collaboration: a video made in the summer of 2013.
The concept took life from these two interlocking words: HEART and EARTH, shaping an anagram projecting some kind of spell from where we cannot escape: a destiny – Heart and Earth affect each other permanently.
In the beginning of 2015, the artists decided to open the project to other artists and media makers with a call for artists. The call had a large success and the submitted works were presented and screened in Berlin, Milan and Barcelona in 2015 and 2016.
> see the dedicated website

Our call for artists remains open for our on-line presentations and future events. If you are interested, please contact us:
> heartearthcall@gmail.com

HearteartH on Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartearthcallforartists

HearteartH – works in internet:
Video wall: www.heartearth.xyz/index2.php
GIF animations: www.animatedgifs-call-heartearth.weebly.com
Vimeo channel 1: vimeo.com/channels/heartearth
Vimeo channel 2: vimeo.com/channels/heartearthproject
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/heartearth

Is a dot a black hole?

The video departs from a flipbook. While the artist flips through the pages, a big dot comes alive. Or is it a hole? Many other smaller dots come out of it, fly into cyberspace and transform themselves – but at the end they loose themselves in a big spiral and are sucked up again by the black dot in the flipbook.

The music is by Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli. “Knob-Twiddler” in the field of experimental music, fond of all possible links between sound and psychology, currently working on sounds and frequencies to be applied in several alternative cognitive-behavioral therapies in the treatment of various forms of DOC, freely inspired by experiments conducted by Jean Piaget in the 40s of last century.

All sounds of “Is A Dot A Black Hole?” were drawn up on Renoise 3.0.1 _

Belonging to the project HearteartH – see website www.heartearth.xyz

title: Is a dot a black hole?
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 2’22”
year: 2015
concept and visuals: Maria Korporal
music: Edoardo Pistolesi Somigli


HeartBeartH is a pantheon of all gods ever created or imagined in human history.
The video starts with the bare earth, a naked stone, on which the images of gods’ faces take form, stone faces, sculpted out of the earth by the humans who speak out the names of the gods. When images and sounds become overcrowded, the stone earth explodes and is reborn out of the reflecting light in a cupola, in which many will recognize the Pantheon in Rome.

Visual & sound by Maria (Felix) Korporal © 2015