Under the Same Roof

A collective installation created by
Marina Buening, Kristien de Neve, Anita Guerra, Maria Korporal

Exhibition May 16-30, 2018
Sala 1, Piazza di Porta San Giovanni 10, Rome

Sala 1 hosted the collective installation Under the Same Roof, (Sotto lo stesso tetto) a project conceived and constructed by four artists of different nationalities.
Marina, Kristien, Anita and Maria were inspired by the challenges and fears that can emerge when sharing a common living space, expressing in this work the desire and the need for a harmonious cohabitation.
As a visual metaphor, they have chosen a bamboo structure of a simple building, octagonal in shape, with four entrances and four walls. The vertical planes, like walls, act as a diaphragm dividing inside from outside and intersect with the corresponding horizontal plane, replicating our human condition: living beings in an upright position, as communicating elements between heaven and earth.
Each artist connects the horizontal plane that touches the ground with the one touching the sky with her vertical wall, and in turn, interprets and interacts with one another’s vertical structures.

The images projected by Maria Korporal skim the sheer gauze fabric of Anita Guerra’s piece; the hexagonal mirrors by Kristien De Neve reflect part of the installation by Marina Buening that uses the selfies of the four artists involved. The different works, within their diversity, share the space of the common building, which assumes the autonomous value of a collective work.
At first glance the structure might seem complete, but it is conceived by the artists as a work in progress.
Some questions are left unanswered and the public is asked to interact: the building lacks the roof so that together we can decide whether it should be built or not. The octagonal installation could be the nucleus of a larger and more expanded structure built according to our will and our actions. It remains for us to decide whether to enter and join in, building a new collective work together.

Sala 1 – Centro Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea
Piazza di Porta San Giovanni, 10 – 00185 Roma.

Images of the four artists’ walls:

Click here to see more of Maria Korporal’s contribution, “Walkabout”


Video of the opening:


From August 3 – September 2, 2018 there will be a new exhibition “Under Another Roof” in IA&A at Hillyer, Washington DC.
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