The Pelican of the Wilderness

title: The Pelican of the Wilderness
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 7’06”
year: 2015
poem: “Scheletri nottambuli” by Mario Maroccolo, from the book “Annelies Marie Frank” by Nina Maroccolo, published by Edizioni Empirìa, Rome, Italy
English translation of the poem: “Nocturnal skeletons” by Emiliano Pietrini
voice: Nina Maroccolo
music: “Memoria II” (excerpt) and “Elegy” by Michael J. Stewart
sound mix: Emiliano Pietrini
video concept, camera, animation, effects and montage: Maria Korporal

A crucial scene in the video is a pelican biting itself in the chest to save his children with his own blood. It is an image of great allegorical significance in antiquity and in Christianity, usually representing the paternal or maternal love, the act of sacrifice oneself to save one’s own children. In alchemical iconography the image of the pelican is a metaphor for the unselfish aspiration to the ascent towards purification, for the absolute generosity.
The title “The pelican of the wilderness” refers to a quote from the Bible: “I am like a pelican of the wilderness …” (Psalm 101.7). The quote is also present in the book “Annelies Marie Frank,” from which was taken the poem “Nocturnal skeletons” by Mario Maroccolo, father of the author Nina Maroccolo, who reads the text in the final scene of the video.
The video has been presented at the festival “Bologna in lettere“, May 16, 2015, in an extended form with a performance by Nina Maroccolo and Maria Korporal.


Slideshow of the performance:


Still images from the video:

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