Give us back our shadows

NEW:  Das Video wird am 3. August 2018, 21.00-22.30, in der LITVAI Galerie für Fotografie in Landshut gezeigt, im Rahmen der Ausstellung Kunst im Dialog

“An old Native American legend tells that an insect stole the shadow to those who did not respect nature. Deprived, in this way, of their soul, the men became ill. Only with music and singing they were able to finally get their shadow back and live happily ever after.”

„Korporal Zoo“ is a series of video works by Maria Korporal, which observe the animal and human world with several perspectives: cultural, social, environmental.

title: Give us back our shadows
technique: Experimental video and animation
length: 6’46“
year: 2014
music: Richard Strauss, “Also sprach Zarathustra” – Das Tanzlied (public domain –
field recording of insects: Benboncan (
all other recordings, camera work, cast, image & sound processing, animation & montage: Maria Korporal

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