Video Art in the Mühlenhaupt Höfe – 1st Edition

The Mühlenhaupt Höfe is a dreamy, still hardly discovered courtyard area as there were many in Berlin Kreuzberg one time ago, but today have become a rarity. In the Kreuzberg of our time there is hardly any room for art and artists. In Fidicinstrasse, however, things are different: number 40 is still an idyllic ensemble of smaller workshops, a biotope for craftsmen and artists.
These courtyards will be the venue for a small film festival on 30 September 2017.
Fire walls, windows, angled walls and an old industrial chimney will be projection screens for video mapping, lighting and video projections by the video artists Ina Rommel, Maria Korporal, Michelle Marx, Mathias Mangelus, Dora Csala and Julia Müller, with the artists from the courtyards Rainer Kurka, Michael Paul, Dirk Wagenknecht and Theater Thikwa e.V., and the musicians Nafee Kurdi, Josias Sander and Rachel Glassberg.
At 21:10 there will be the performance “A Knife into the Water, the Blade to the Light. Death I Want… ” by Tania Elstermeyer, with Javier Almo.
The festival is supported by the Kurt and Hannelore Mühlenhaupt Foundation.

Saturday 30th September 2017, 20:00-23:00 in the Mühlehaupthöfen, Fidicinstraße 40, 10965 Berlin (Kreuzberg).

Maria Korporal will screen a new adapted version of two of her works: the video “The Rebellious Egg” and the interactive installation “Third Eye Burning”.

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