Desert Tree

The video is part of the project Korporal Zoo, a series of short movies which deal with the relationship between animals and human beings studied from several perspectives: cultural, social, environmental.
Desert Tree, is based on a Mongolian legend about camels, and refers to the environmental problem.
The Mongolian legend goes like this:
Many years ago, God gave antlers to the camel, as a reward for the goodness of its heart. But one day a rogue deer came and asked the camel to lend him his antlers. He wanted to adorn himself with them for a celebration in the west of the country. The camel trusted the deer and gave him his antlers. But the deer never brought them back. Since then, the camels keep gazing at the horizon and still await the deer’s return.

titolo: Desert Tree
tecnica: Video e animazione sperimentale
durata:  1’38”
anno: 2010
video: Maria Korporal

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