Among the Leaves

Crumpled paper balls are picked up from the road. Agile hands transform them into pages of a book, on which the images show parts of a broken car dispersed in the grass. What is the meaning of this? It is revealed when the hands begin to flip through the pages, bringing the poem to light.

Marcia Theophilo (born 1941 in Fortaleza) is a Brazilian poet. She studied in Rio de Janeiro, San Paulo and Rome, where she graduated in anthropology. She is nominated for the Nobel Prize and lives between Rome and Brazil. She has published short stories, essays, and several books of poetry. The Amazon rainforest is the topic of Marcia’s life and work: its river, people, myths, the animal and plant life, and the effort and persistence to save the Amazon’s natural and cultural heritage.

title: Among the Leaves
technique: Experimental video
length: 5’01“
year: 2013
poem: Marcia Theophilo
video: Maria Korporal

Versione italiana:

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