„Korporal Zoo“ ist eine Serie von Video-Arbeiten von Maria Korporal, in denen die Tier- und Menschenwelt beobachtet und dargestellt wird. Es sind verschiedene Perspektiven: kulturelle, soziale, ökologische.
Sacrificio is based on the musical piece „Sacrificio“, composed by Angelo Gilardino and executed by guitarist Luigi Giffi. In the video we see alternate scenes of a big stone rolling down a hill, of the artist who is building an altar with smaller stones and of a herd of pasturing goats in a peaceful environment. In the final scene the several elements come together in a synthesis of color and light.

Titel: Sacrificio
Technik: Video e animazione sperimentale
Länge:  4’50“
Jahr: 2010
Video: Maria Korporal
Musik: composta da Angelo Gilardino, interpretata da Luigi Giffi

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